Good For You: Bold Flavors with Benefits

Coming August 2020

In his debut cookbook, chef Akhtar Nawab offers his trusted repertoire of nutritious, flavor-packed recipes influenced by decades of experience cooking Mexican, Italian, Indian and New American cuisine. With inspiring stories from his personal and professional journey alongside essential pantry staples, indispensable techniques and exciting ideas for every meal of the day, Good For You: Bold Flavors with Benefits is your ultimate guide to eating well and feeling great. #goodforyoucookbook

On sale August 2020, available for pre-order now

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Praise for Good For You:

Akhtar Nawab is one of the best chefs in America. His book is full of insanely delicious and ingenious ways to cook food that makes you feel good. We’re lucky to have it.

—DAVID CHANG, chef and founder, Momofuku

Akhtar has an uncanny ability to apply his technical skills to a myriad of cuisines—Indian, Mexican, seasonal American—and his food is always addictively delicious AND nourishing. Good for You is a reflection of this inimitable talent: here is a must-have collection of flavorful, healthful recipes that home cooks can make any day of the week.

—MARCO CANORA, chef and founder, Hearth, Brodo Broth Company, and Zadie’s Oyster Room

I can’t wait to make all these beautiful dishes! Akhtar can masterfully cook anything. Good for You is a thoughtful collection of modern, delicious recipes full of flavor and punch, born of Akhtar’s vast and varied career. This book teaches us to be good to ourselves while celebrating great ingredients and rich culinary traditions. Keep it close, use it often.

—LORETTA KELLER, chef and restaurateur, San Francisco




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