Chef Akhtar Nawab

Akhtar Nawab is the chef and owner of Alta Calidad, Patchwork, and Wayward (forthcoming!), as well as a founding partner of Hospitality HQ (HHQ), the country’s premier food hall management and consulting companies with properties nationwide.

Akhtar’s Story

Chef and CEO, Hospitality HQ

Akhtar Nawab is an acclaimed chef and the founding partner and Co-CEO of Hospitality HQ (HHQ), a creative consulting and management group which offers bespoke solutions for culinary-driven concepts across the country. The son of Indian immigrants, Akhtar grew up in Louisville, Kentucky in the ‘80s, where he took up the bass, and listened to a lot of Rush. When he wasn’t playing the bass, he spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his mother, a native of Lucknow in Northern India, cooking aromatic kebabs, biryani, and korma. A passion for cooking, born in his small linoleum-tiled Kentucky kitchen, led him to an esteemed career at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the country: La Folie, Bizou, Gramercy Tavern, Craftbar, and Craft. The latter received three stars from The New York Times and won the James Beard Foundation’s “Best New Restaurant” Award during Nawab’s tenure.

Good for You

Bold Flavors with Benefits

In his debut cookbook, chef Akhtar Nawab offers his trusted repertoire of nutritious, flavor-packed recipes influenced by decades of experience cooking Mexican, Italian, Indian and New American cuisine. With inspiring stories from his personal and professional journey alongside essential pantry staples, indispensable techniques and exciting ideas for every meal of the day, Good For You: Bold Flavors with Benefits is your ultimate guide to eating well and feeling great.